Saturday, June 2, 2012

Not checking out but...

The last two months of my grandmothers life she could not eat. At the tender age of 93 she developed a stomach issue and eating became a sad chore which she gave up on. I will say she had amazing legs before she checked out. "Great gams" as she showed me her legs, and, you know, she was right! The only food she said she fantacized about was bean soup. She thought that was just plain weird and I have to agree with her. Not chocolate but beans....get a life! But you know, she is right in many ways. Today I tried to think of what I wanted for dinner. Chocolate sounded good but impractical, so I went with the beans. I had canned up some white beans awhile back so I opened a pint of those beans. Added some chopped up ham and then a bit of new love. Then added some parsley and chives at the last minute and ate same. It made a wonderful soup...and no, I am not dying! Just enjoying the change of a good soup. I am excited to think I might be able to live with my food storage next year. It has been 3 years now that I have not lived with my food storage and I miss it. I am not good at thinking of things too far ahead and most of the meals I like to prepare I can't because the food is in storage, but not where I am. So I just punt and that has not been always the wisest way of doing things. We will see how it all comes down, but I at least have the possibility of living in my own home again and that is really something that makes me happy. Camping is grand, but I need to go home sometimes too.

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